Ok so my name’s Elizabeth. Elizabeth Alison if you follow my personal pages anywhere. I’m a Nashville native and momma to James Nash the little squish I’m matching hats with right there. I’m a photographer. I shoot weddings and cute kids all over the PNW and it’s the best job in the world after being the mother to my son. Married to a New York born sweetheart named Luke, who I love to the moon (and back).

Bucket list goals include: owning a children’s shop, renovating an old house, having twins, time-traveling back to meet Norman Rockwell, planting a massive garden, traveling the world with my family and then publishing a picture book of our adventures, learning to play more than 2 songs on the guitar, photographing a lookbook for one of my favorite children’s shops, and walking into an Anthropologie with an unlimited budget.

If you’d like to follow more of my professional work check out www.elizabethalisonphotography.com