What are we doing here again?

Our goals aren’t lofty. We’re a couple of moms that love our kids and think childhood, motherhood and homemaking are worth celebrating - worth recording, sharing, and delighting in. Also sweaters. Big fans of those.

You’ll find daily activities (crafts on crafts on crafts), kids clothing (we’re into it), holidays (YAY CHRISTMAS), captures of our kids growing up in grace, and a ton of beauty. Call it a lifestyle blog, call it a mommy blog, call it a creative outlet compatible with homeschooling and nursing babes in the wee hours - we’re glad you’re with us.

There’s a lot of joy in motherhood, so come look through the lens of childhood.

By way of introduction that was Cat. She does most of the pretty writing. I take most of the pretty pictures. Go teamwork. Cat and I became friends almost two years ago when I noticed her girls were real cute and wanted to do a lifestyle session with them. About a month later we were both expecting and bonded over HG pregnancies, which I’m sure we’ll talk about sometime around here. My son James was born last October and Ayrton came along 2 weeks later. We’ve decided they’re gonna be best friends — like an arranged marriage but brotherhood type thing. The other two little ladies you see around here are Cat’s older two daughters Ellie (6) and Saoirse (3).

The idea for Tigers & Knits kind of came on a whim. Cat and I were texting about sweaters for our babies and I joked that if the whole photography thing didn’t work out I could just give people tips on where to find cute kids’ clothes. Ten minutes later we’ve decided to start a blog together not just about baby clothes but… that’ll definitely come up a lot. As far as our name goes we put off picking a name for ages because we couldn’t help making fun of everything we thought of. Then out of the blue Cat asked Ellie what her favorite word was. “Tiger.” And that settled things. Tigers & Knits because that’s what started it all.