Getting our Christmas Tree

The annual outing to go find a Christmas tree is always one of my favorite parts of Advent. Growing up my 6 siblings and I always played hide and seek among the trees while my parents spent ages finding the perfect one. They were super choosy about the process. So naturally now that I’m the grown up I’ve basically become them. This year the first snow storm of the year hit just as we were driving out to the Christmas tree farm. It was like the weather was also getting in the mood and I was LIVING for it. James loved the snow and the trees. Even tried taking a few steps in the snow until he realized it was wet and then demanded to be held the rest of the trip. :D

We went with a Blue Spruce this year which I’d never gotten before. They have such a lovely hue to their needles but LET ME TELL YOU they are prickly!!! Next level sharp. I think I got cuts on my hands trying to put the lights on. So I guess that’s one way to keep your child from pulling the tree over their first mobile Christmas season: make it a death trap of spike needles. It does look lovely though in our living room.. I love all the rest of the furniture pushed together to make room for it. It gives the whole house a cozy feeling that I love so. What are your Christmas tree traditions? Do you cut down your own or skip the cold and go for one you can keep all winter?