Princess Kitty Cat Fairy Arty Party of Fantastic Wonderfulness

Saoirse, my second daughter, master of dress-up and dancing and songifying our life and pretend and crafts and foregoing dessert because art needs to happen at that very moment yessir, has been planning this party for 364 days. Actually, even after it was over she was asking when it would happen - because surely, with a party this amazing, it doesn’t just end, does it?

Heres how a princess kitty cat fairy party shakes out: firstly you need a focal point. Cue the enormous piano box we stashed, then carved up with windows and drawbridge, add a dash of Saoirse’s Dark Side and you a get a dungeon add-on - with rainbow unicorns on the exterior. The girls spent an entire weekend painting this beast. We ran out of paint. you should’ve seen their faces when I explained that we were entirely out of paint, as though they didn’t know such horrors could befall them - and at such a tender age.

Add in a metric poop ton of paper flowers. All the various bunting you’ve hand made and stored in the Birthday bins? Yeah let them hang that, too.

Paper Flowers

tissue paper

  1. Accordion fold a stack of tissue - at least 6 sheets, I prefer 12 for a full size bloom. (To make the yellow centers of the white flowers, I added a 1/4 size sheet of paper on top of the stack)

  2. Crease the accordion in half and tie some stringon the crease. Trim the ends into a half circle shape for a pretty petal.

  3. Gently separate each sheet, pulling up and towards the center.

Bout the craziest thing I did for this party was decide to make felt party hats. I couldn’t help myself - they’re SO CUTE. I found a template over here and kinda just ran with it. Ayrton’s was the only one I got to exert any creative control over, though, and much to my dismay my daughters preferred the store bought fluffy poms to the hand made little tassel ones. I don’t have a sewing machine and these were still pretty easy to knock out with hand sewing - though I used felt glue for Ellie’s tiger stripes.

Face paint. Not optional. Get the kit that comes with stencils because you’re going to have kids sitting there expecting real artistic genius in 15 seconds total while they alternately wiggle and give you The Stare of Utmost Skepticism. “How did you land this gig anyway?” their gaze, leveled at your soul, shakes loose all your parenting fears. “I don’t know! The nurses just let me LEAVE the hospital with A BABY!!” you cry. The Masters didn’t have to put up with this kinda grenadine fueled nonsense.

That’s the segue I’m using to get to punch. Pink. Fizzy. Sugar. Fruit. 🙌🏻

Pink Princess Punch

1 bottle maraschino cherries
1 liter strawberry flavored sparkling water
1 lemon, juiced

Combine in a punch bowl or pitcher, bonus if you serve into cups with the rims dressed up in pink or purple sugar crystals.

Dragonfly Wands

1 bag candy coating (I went PINK)
8 pretzel rods
16 in tact pretzel twists (may the force be with you)

(allow to set on parchment or silpat)

  1. Melt the candy coating, then dip the rods and add some sprinkles

  2. Dip the twists and attach to the rods, add sprinkles (you’ll want to work quickly)

Crown Cookies

Sugar cookies - this is my go to recipe.

A crown cutter - I found this one on Amazon

Sprinkles for decorating.

Note: I opted to color the crowns yellow because IMO “pink” when browned around the edges is not…yummy. The slightly burnished look of yellow works better.

The Pink Princess Cake

Saoirse, being a visual arty sorta gal, determined that she wanted the exact cake ont he cover of her Pink Princess Cookbook. I did not use their recipe, not being so wild as to go into untested cake waters for The Birthday, but instead used my chocolate cake recipe and frosted it with a pink vanilla buttercream. Topped with some sugar gems and a tiara - poof!


Princess Wands

wooden dowels
wooden hearts (craft store)
rainbow sparkle duck tape
hot glue
paint and brushes

  1. Before the party attach three ribbons to one end of dowel with the duck tape. Hot glue the wooden shape (a heart for our girl) over top the end edge of the duck tape.

  2. Give each kiddo a few colors of paint - I find it helps to limit it to three globs per kiddo otherwise the littler ones end up with a brown wand.

note: I use the crayola washable paint, which comes in this handy multi pack of glitter paint.

second note: Saoirse’s “best buddy” is her cousin Louie, who was a knight for this occasion. We found him a glow stick sword at the dollar store and made a shield from robust cardboard for him to paint.


Dragon piñata. The kids went on a quest to slay the dragon. Bought it at Walmart, filled it with her fave chocolate. Nuff said. Be sure to soak in the ambience of our unfinished basement. Gave the whole dragon slaying endeavor a real renovation underway, Anthro of yesteryear kinda vibe. Er…

Pin the Dragon on the Castle

We found this huge plastic princess castle wall decoration at the dollar store - win! The girls had the idea to hang it and then they cut out and colored a dragon for every guest that they had to try to pin on the tallest castle turret. Victor got first whack at the piñata.

Party Favors. I admit to having some thoughts about party favors, mostly stemming from how much stuff I have to sneak into the trash around here on a regular basis without the addition of mysterious plastic objets… but that’s for another time! The birthday hats, the princess wands, crown cookies, candy dragonfly wands and piñata haul, were their favors. I didn’t hear any complaints, but then the tiny people round here are very forgiving. ;)

Happy birthday, Saoirse!!! We are so grateful God knit your into our family!