Pumpkins at Last

We finally made it to the patch and it was all our pumpkin dreams come true. Ellie shares my intense love for Cinderella pumpkins so we bonded. We put both the babies in a wheelbarrow where they were stupid cute for about 2 minutes before tipping the whole thing over. I might add for hilarity’s sake that later when we filled the wheelbarrow with pumpkins it tipped several times again so hot tip bring a wagon with a nice horizontal surface next time. Thankfully both the babies and the pumpkins survived unscathed. Also, you know those random math problems in 4th grade where you have to count some guy’s watermelons? Turns out they are applicable in real life. Substitute pumpkins, add 4 kids , 384 different prices for different sizes of pumpkin and you’ve got the autumnal word problem dreams are made of.


Kids outfits:

Ellie: Fin & Vince suspender pants, Jamie Kay cardigan, Hanna Andersson tee,Hunter boots

Saoirse: Jamie Kay playsuit, L.L. Bean cardigan, Hunter boots

Ayrton: Jamie Kay henley, L.L. Bean sweater, Zara leggings, Young Soles shoes

James: Rylee & Cru bear shirt, Zara overalls, Piper and Fin shoes, Brair Handmade bonnet