Rainy Day Fall Crafts

We had big plans to go to the pumpkin patch last Tuesday. Big Plans. The kind of plans the kids are counting down the sleeps until PUMPKINS. So it rained. They were cheerful about the change, but we were still left with the afternoon equivalent of Netflix Probability: Extremely High.

Not gonna sugar coat this: I’m picky about crafts. I do not like when my kids get sent home with crafts that amount to “here, you throw this away”. I love my kids. I love their creations. I do not love crafts that have no clear place in our home. This is why these paper maché pumpkins are one of the most winning-est bits of craftiness ever: they always turn out cute. Saoirse made one of these when she was 2 and she was not only able to complete her pumpkin, it’s a decoration we’ll use for years.

I scored the pumpkins themselves on mega Michaels sale, had the girls cut up the pieces of tissue paper, and mixed up some watered down glue. Go! Have some wax paper or similar nonstick surface handy for drying.

When they had moved on from that and the rain had let up a bit I sent them out into the yard to collect leaves. Both the girls are studying forests and trees right now so it was a good day to tick the box on leaf rubbings. We use these for placemats and other cut-and-paste type projects so their (short) lifespan is clear. :D

I’m kind of a sucker for cozy days inside, and was just as content to be making a happy mess at home as snagging the pumpkins. The babies were sleeping, the mamas were sipping warm apple cider, and the girls settled into that quiet rhythm of “art chat”. Sweet blessings!


Kids outfits:

Ellie: Fin & Vince blouse, Fin and Vince pinafore

Saoirse: Jamie Kay dress

Ayrton: Oscha wrap