A Letter to My One Year Old on Their Birthday

Dear Ayrton,

The thing to know about any first birthday party is that this party wasn’t for you. You did not care. At best, you might one day look back at pics from the day and think, “Huh. Nice party.” No this party - the First Birthday Party - was for mama and papa, older siblings, family and friends.

And this first birthday party was so much of that and more, bubs. This party was the miscarriages, Ellie, Saoirse, and then… surprise. I mean, as much as our third baby and 8th pregnancy can be a surprise. (Oh, Ayrton! What a wonderful surprise you have been from the beginning!) And I think I surprised myself with how BIG i wanted to make your party. How much I wanted to draw everyone close that has helped us through the darkest of times, who has prayed for you, who has given so much to us of their time. Because, buddy, you are sooooooooo loved - and yes this party wasn’t for you but it was very much about you.

And you did get to eat cake.

We treasure you, your very deliberate and messy kisses, your boldness, your determined cheerfulness, your fierce affection for all living things, your wolf howls, and all the Ayrton things we’ve yet to discover.

Love you and love you,


Food for our Wild One:

  • Shortbread hedgehog cookies dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in chopped pecans

  • peanut butter acorns covered in dark chocolate

  • chocolate bear paw cookies

  • pesto rolls

  • pumpkin cake with ginger snap crumble and maple cream cheese frosting