Our Favorite Books - October

We had the bright idea to share all our favorite children’s books with you and then realized that would be a book in itself so we decided we’d limit it to ten recommendations each month. That way it’ll only take is 20 years to go through all the favorites. Good plan right?


  1. Hurry Hurry Mary Dear (One of my favorite autumn books. Hilarious and the illustrations are so fun!)

  2. The Little House (May or may not have gotten emotional reading this one before.)

  3. Tikki Tikki Tembo (Trust me gonna be a fav.)

  4. One Morning in Maine (True story my parents forgot to tell me about losing teeth until after I lost my first one. This book helped. Also the illustrations are crazy good as well.)

  5. Millions of Cats (Another favorite growing up. Simultaneously super weird and adorable a.k.a. kids love it.)


  1. The Biggest Story A family favorite “condensed Bible” - can read a bit at a time or in one sitting (Ellie’s preference). Well done and beautiful.

  2. Rosie Revere Engineer I consider this one a “future classic”. I get teary-eyed reading it every dang time!

  3. Carl’s Birthday I grew up with the Carl books and am super pleased the girls find them hilarious! Timeless mischief.

  4. My Father’s Dragon a great read-aloud or early reader. Adventure! Dragon! Fruit!

  5. The Birthday Monsters Sandra Boynton is beloved around here, but not all Boyton is created equal. The Birthday Monsters is top shelf Boynton. (with James and Ayrton both turning 1 in October, tried to slip a few birthday themed ones in!)